16 November 2006



Imago, Knoll Textiles’ name for its line of fabrics sandwiched between sheets of resin, has introduced three new designs: from left, Whisper, a lacy floral; Zen, squares with a ribbed surface; and the raffia-like Allure. The sheets can be used for room dividers, door panels, signs, ceiling panels and backsplashes. The material “allows privacy within a space while allowing light to come through,” said Dorothy Cosonas, the creative director for Knoll Textiles in Manhattan. “It can be die-cut, sawed and bent.” Whisper and Zen are available in black, white or red; Allure comes in nine colors. The patterns are sold in 4-by-8-foot sheets in six thicknesses ranging from one-sixteenth of an inch to half an inch, at $480 to $1,472 per sheet. Information: (866) 565-5858; knoll.com.

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