31 July 2009


From the website: Help Remedies was created to make solving simple health issues simple. We find the best solution there is, and take away everything else. By stripping away some of the complexity and fear mongering of the health industry, we hope to make medicine friendlier and more accessible, and in doing so empower people to make their own health decisions.

Healthcare packaging is usually made from oil and takes centuries to disappear. We would like to show people that very nice packaging can be made from other types of materials. We’ve made our outer packaging of corn resin and paper pulp. We do use some plastic to surround the pills, but we don’t want to and we are working to change this.

There is no sense in making money if you aren’t going to spend it on things you like. Five percent of our profits are returned to charities that help people without healthcare get healthcare. (We hope that talking about American people without healthcare will sound very old fashioned in the near future.)

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